12 days into it....

So, I have been on the Arbonne 30 day Boot Camp plan for 13 days now and let me tell you that i feel pretty GREAT!  As i said last time though, I am a pretty conscious eater as it is so the sugar cravings haven't been an issue for me but even the slightest of cravings have been subsided during this program.

I am not one to weigh myself or be obsessed with body mass index and all BUT, I am going to the doctor today where I'm sure I will be weighed and will know for sure what I've lost thus far.  I do know that my pants fill a little looser and sleep has been a little better as well so that alone is worth every day of healthy eating!  

Just wanted to jump over here this morning and share THIS VIDEO {click on those words for the feed} that my sweet Arbonne mentor shared on our facebook page this week!!!  TRUTH!!!