Blow Out {the candles} SALE!

Go, Emmy, it's your birthday!

If you know me, you know that I love a shindig of any kind.  my favorite vision is a backyard table scape complete with all the twinkle lights, champagne, laughter and a little one man band on the side.  So, there you go, if you ever wanted to throw me the PERFECT par-tay, DONE!

My birthday is always Memorial Day weekend so school celebrations and friends showing in attendance was never something i counted on each year.  Sounds so pitiful but the older i've gotten the more I have relished in this long weekend the calendar lays aside to celebrate ME....oh yeah, and all those that serve our country like my own daddy!

So, this year I want to share the joy and put on a fun birthday sale shindig!

Enjoy my pals!  This sales on me....or for me??  not sure how that works if it's my birthday but i'm the one giving stuff??  Either way, have fun shopping!!


with joy~em


Hey there, healthy!

So, I have to confess before any of this info that I was raised to be a fairly healthy eater.  As a child of the 80s and a very "good food" conscious mother, there was no hope for me being hooked on bi-product chicken nugget happy meals or mashed potatoes from an Ore-Ida box.  Nope, never, not happening at the Ruff family crib.  The only time we ever "went out to eat" was on cross country trips in the family station wagon with wood grain siding and even then we were LUCKY to do that because my mother had totally thought ahead of us.  She had packed sandwiches the night before, complete with lettuce in a separate bag {so it didn't dare get soggy} and chips distributed in "baggies", not the easy pre packaged kind we snatch today.  We may get lucky and stop at a SERVICE station for a fun drink but that was only, and I mean only, if one of us had to use the restroom or my dad was so desperate for gas that he was already considering who would help push had he waited until the next exit.

i know it's hard but please don't be jealous!  and who needed to be facing forward when you could sit backwards....or on the floorboard to sleep?!?

i know it's hard but please don't be jealous!  and who needed to be facing forward when you could sit backwards....or on the floorboard to sleep?!?

With all that prefaced, life does happen and college does take a toll on our bodies....or it did in the 90s.  {I'm still not sure why these skinny little college co-eds don't take advantage of the freshmen 40 like we all did.  It truly was some fun times and we were all in it together!}  Looking back I'm pretty sure that my body was NOT a wonderland and the inside was screaming for some sort of cleansing that Jesus just didn't provide!

Fast forward to TODAY!  Today, I am super conscious of what I ingest, slather on my face and even feed my own children {like mother like daughter whether you like it or not, gals!}.  I'm thankful that I don't struggle with food battles because I had a mother and grandmothers that instilled upon me that true beauty was in an Oil of Olay bottle!  HA!!!  No, they raised me to believe that Jesus gave me self worth; not the size of my jeans, the color of my hair or the trophies that gather dust.  So, when I was asked by my precious friends at Arbonne to participate in the 30 day Clean Eating Boot Camp I jumped at the opportunity for several reasons.

First, Arbonne has been around for more than 35 years.  It is a company that I know a lot about and trust every ingredient they put into their products.  Second, getting healthy from the inside out is always a good idea and I will talk more on that as this challenge goes on.  And third, I have a daughter.  Silly reason maybe but I want her to grow with the same understanding that her outward appearance or size makes no difference in the end if her 'insides' are full of toxic ideas and negative perception of herself.  AND.....the metaphor for the win!  hee hee!


So, I will be blogging about my results, good and bad, as much as possible during the next 30 days.  I am not getting any endorsement for this.  It's more to keep myself accountable than anything else honestly.  I love the reps in MS for Arbonne and will support them til I die {but healthy though of course!}

Follow along for some good recipe ideas, honesty of sugar depravation and obviously the honesty of where I am these days when it comes to our image and how we need to turn the emphasis back to the heart instead of what fades away.

***ask me any questions you have too***

with joy ~