Blow Out {the candles} SALE!

Go, Emmy, it's your birthday!

If you know me, you know that I love a shindig of any kind.  my favorite vision is a backyard table scape complete with all the twinkle lights, champagne, laughter and a little one man band on the side.  So, there you go, if you ever wanted to throw me the PERFECT par-tay, DONE!

My birthday is always Memorial Day weekend so school celebrations and friends showing in attendance was never something i counted on each year.  Sounds so pitiful but the older i've gotten the more I have relished in this long weekend the calendar lays aside to celebrate ME....oh yeah, and all those that serve our country like my own daddy!

So, this year I want to share the joy and put on a fun birthday sale shindig!

Enjoy my pals!  This sales on me....or for me??  not sure how that works if it's my birthday but i'm the one giving stuff??  Either way, have fun shopping!!


with joy~em