Happily Ever After...Jon and Amanda's Wedding

So, the baby brother got married!

December is an all out busy month regardless, but add a wedding into the mix and it can get double busy real fast!  My youngest brother and his bride decided to walk down the aisle December 16th of 2017.  And although it was a little chilly, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of.  So, I couldn't help but share a few of the gorgeous details...

photos by    the Kinne  ys

photos by the Kinneys

Everyone knows that the wedding planning begins with THE DRESS!  Amanda's stunning silhouette was an Oscar de la Renta straight off the runway from Joan Pillow Bridal in Atlanta, GA.  She completed her look with a cathedral length veil of illusion, crystal and platinum encrusted headband and white fur shrug to fight the chilly temps.  BUT, no look is truly complete without the proper shoes so......



    for the win!!

and don't forget the REBEL garter to surprise the Ole Miss groom too!

The venue took our breath away at every turn.  The Dixon Gallery & Gardens boast one of the most vast and beautiful lawns in East Memphis, making it perfect for an outdoor wedding to wow the masses.  

Not to mention, the two cutest flower girls, sweetest program attendants and ring bearer that ever did walk down an aisle helped make it even more enchanting.

No ceremony is complete til the bride and groom celebrate, eat cake and dance the night away.  The lit tents were the perfect backdrop for a winter's night and the children, and adults alike, were taken away with an energetic photo booth, entertaining band, signature cocktails and AMAZING cakes.  Oh, did I mention the cakes??  Well, if so, they are worth mentioning more times than most.

The duo bakers, Cakes by Mom and Me from West Memphis, AR completely out did themselves with Jon and Amanda's wishes.  The bride's four tier almond flavored white cake was frosted in the fluffiest buttercream and detailed by sugared green Jackson Vine along with sugared white peonies that looked so real you wanted to smell them!

Ummmm, the groom's cake!  I mean, have you ever seen a cake that has a REAL working jumbotron AND WORKING lights?  And it tastes divine too???  I highly doubt you have but I can now proudly say I have and it was beyond memorable!  Amanda surprised Jon with the jaw dropping creation and surprised every guest in the process as well!

Now, everyone knows that flowers are one of the most expensive but the most memorable of all details.  The bride incorporated soft winter hues of cream, green and tiny touches of blue brought out in the eucalyptus.  Florist L and Jay Productions out of Memphis were the masterminds behind every bouquet, boutenierre and arrangement.  From the awning entering the reception tents to the stunning upside down display over the bridal cake, no flower detail was left unturned.  

I could go on and on with the details but needless to say, fun was had by all and it was truly a weekend to remember.  From the rehearsal dinner to the trolley downtown after the reception, we are thrilled to say that AMart is officially a RUFF and our once family of 6 has joyfully grown into a family of 4 married siblings and 2 amazing parents that started and support it all!  I thank the Lord for my 3 brothers every day but thank Him twice for the wives they each chose.  

We love you, Amanda and Jon!  Cheers to Happily Ever After and a NOT SO RUFF LIFE!

with joy ~ em

Ruff Draft Papers designed the following

  • wedding programs
  • coasters
  • napkins
  • rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Bachelorette weekend invitations

Blow Out {the candles} SALE!

Go, Emmy, it's your birthday!

If you know me, you know that I love a shindig of any kind.  my favorite vision is a backyard table scape complete with all the twinkle lights, champagne, laughter and a little one man band on the side.  So, there you go, if you ever wanted to throw me the PERFECT par-tay, DONE!

My birthday is always Memorial Day weekend so school celebrations and friends showing in attendance was never something i counted on each year.  Sounds so pitiful but the older i've gotten the more I have relished in this long weekend the calendar lays aside to celebrate ME....oh yeah, and all those that serve our country like my own daddy!

So, this year I want to share the joy and put on a fun birthday sale shindig!

Enjoy my pals!  This sales on me....or for me??  not sure how that works if it's my birthday but i'm the one giving stuff??  Either way, have fun shopping!!


with joy~em

hand lettering LOVE!

i have to admit that I have been just terrible when it comes to keeping up with my blog skills!  Life gets 'in the way', creativity gets the best of me and these little people that call me 'mama' seem to always want me to be present {i mean , who do they think I am, their mother or something?}

I have a lot going on in this little world of mine and could not be happier about the orders flying in every day.....THANK YOU!!!

Custom stationery, napkins and cups seem to be a huge hit these days and I totally agree with the obsession!!  Some of our latest designs are completely hand lettered by MOI and add the perfect touch to snail mail or a gift.  

the LUCY notecard set complete with envelope liners and hand lettering makes this set one of a kind!

the LUCY notecard set complete with envelope liners and hand lettering makes this set one of a kind!

Gold foil is never a bad idea!  And when it's hand lettered on a napkin, you're sure to be the hostess with the mostess!

Gold foil is never a bad idea!  And when it's hand lettered on a napkin, you're sure to be the hostess with the mostess!

RDP offers custom hand lettering for almost any design, occasion or gift so be sure to check back for our newest custom line coming in february!!!  The fresh new year has us dreaming of fresh ideas that you will not want to miss!

with joy ~ emily

Fall, Football, Friends and Fairs

I LOVE FALL!!!  Most southerners will tell you they do, after the summers we endure down south of the Mason Dixon Line.  There are so many fun things that come with the season and we wanted to share a few of them along with some tips and tricks to make your football tailgate the best and easiest on campus!

Let's start with the quintessential fall item....THE PUMPKIN!  How gorgeous are these white tones with each other?  And super easy too!!

white hydrangeas, pumpkins and a few faux or real deer horns makes this motif beyond simple and elegant!

white hydrangeas, pumpkins and a few faux or real deer horns makes this motif beyond simple and elegant!

and what says fall better than football?  Something about the combo of food, friends and fun all being in the same place at once makes my heart skip a beat.  the clothes, the shoes, the sounds and the food cannot compare to any other season of the year.  

In my favorite college town of Oxford, style is of upmost importance to those gracing The Grove.  The best advice though on these sacred Saturdays would be COMFORTABLE shoes!  there is honestly nothing worse than sore, blistered feet on a hot and long football weekend.  So, if fashionable shoes matter to you, let me suggest this little gem.....

Band-Aid Friction block stick

Band-Aid Friction block stick

This little stick fits easily in your lipstick bag or even in your pocket.  And boy will your heels or tops of your toes thank you for it!  Trust me here....these feet have walked enough football games to know.

The last, but not least, most iconic fall function can be nothing else but THE County FAIR!!!  There is no smell like a corndog and fried oreos in October.  Nothing in this world is worth more than a $40 gold fish in a glass bowl that will more than likely pass away within 10 days.  And no smile is compared to a child on a merry go-round that waves at each passing.  My family loves the fair if only for the joy it brings my husband alone!  we go for the people watching, the laughter and joy that comes watching our littles weave through the crowds to find their next ride.  

so, this fall take the time to relish in the smells, the air, and the colors of the season.  but most of all, take each moment as a gift and reminder to cherish each day that we are given.  That each season is God's way of showing us His creativity and joy He finds in His creations made to bring us closer to Him and our families. 

with joy ~ em