About Ruff Draft Papers

Once a wholesale division of 29:11 Creations, Ruff Draft Papers is now the entire custom line of creator Emily Ruff Witcher.

29:11 Creations was based off the verse Jeremiah 29:11 which guided me through my entire “navy-brat” life.  I was raised believing that my Lord always had my back and had amazing plans in store for this crazy mind of mine.  I live to create, draw, color and change the mundane.

When I began college at Ole Miss, options as graphic design or graphic arts were not the norm.  So,  I felt elementary education would be a wonderful place to exhibit my flare for making bulletin boards more “artsy” than educational or needed.

I was in and out of the classroom for over 6 years when I decided to stay home after my beautiful son was born.  In 2008, as I searched for the perfect birth announcement, I began “playing” on my computer with different graphic programs; one thing led to another and an accidental business was born.

When you truly live by the verse Jeremiah 29:11 you believe with all your being that nothing is an accident and all things lead you down the path that He has for you and even the mistakes made along the way are intentional lessons to be learned.  There is JOY in the waiting.

This new path, my hope and my future are now in the hands of Ruff Draft Papers.

My maiden name is Ruff and it is a name that I hold very dear to my heart and take great pride {i of course love my husband and his name too}  Ruff is whom I was at birth and the reason I have my faith and belief in Christ.

Thank you for visiting us.  I hope you find as much joy browsing the designs as I do designing them.