Sad News from a Small Town....when we don't understand God's timing

My little college town received devastating news yesterday afternoon and i'm still at a loss for words or why.  3 couples, happily married and returning from a dental conference in Florida were killed in a plane crash near Tuscaloosa, AL.

If you have ever been to Oxford, MS you know that it is a town bursting with love, pride and genuine support for all that reside there.  It is a true Norman Rockwell town and the moment you step foot onto the square your heart skips a beat.

I spent 4 glorious and joy filled years in this town and still get butterflies walking around campus or laughing in the Grove on a brisk game day with my heels on and red solo cup in hand.  So, gut wrenching news as this is sure to shake a town like Oxford and a school like Ole Miss, as it should and would any town this size.

I write this to bring light to our eyes about how we spend each and every day on this earth.  There are 11 children this morning that woke without a mother to fix them their favorite cereal with just enough milk, just the way she knows they like it.  There are 3 sets of grandparents that woke to begin the planning of funerals for grown children gone way too soon.  And there are dear friends that will never call, text or laugh with their best friends again.  There are tears that won't be wiped by a loving father and scrapes and bruises that mama won't be able to heal with a kiss.  Anyway we, as earthly beings, seem to look at it we simply say, "It's so sad and just not fair."

BUT {i adore GOD'S BUTS!} we serve a God that knows and sees way beyond our own understanding.  He knew before those 6 parents left this earth that yesterday was their day.  He knew they would be called to Heaven much before anyone was ready for them to be.  And although we don't understand, HIS way is perfect and true.  So, my prayer for moments as these is it will cause us to love harder, laugh more and let go of regrets, grudges and past tenses.  That we would become a people that LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS.  To be His hands and feet to serve and love those around us.

Help us to love well, Lord and always remember that YOU WIN IN THE END!!

To read the full story on these young lives lost too soon----- Oxford Eagle