Spring Cleaning : a time for everything

there is an appointed time for everything. and there is a time for every event under heaven-
— ecclesiastes 3.1

As i sat down to write this week's Tuesday Tidbits i was a little overcome with fear and excitement all rolled into one wad, like gum on the bottom of my shoe.  do i trust the timing that god has placed on my heart for this topic and just roll with it?  or do i rest on my laurels and keep on repeating a habit knowing the end results will be the same?  well, the Lord lead me to an amazing place last week and shone His light upon my dimly lit mind then softly spoke a word of encouragement over me that i least expected...........who are you NOT to do what i have called you to do?  {i was renewed and transformed to say the least}

Sunday, March 6th I had the beyond AMAZE-BALLS opportunity to attend and relish in Stationery Academy at the Lee House in Pensacola, FL. {this conference will soon be revealing an AMAZING makeover}.  I drove down with no expectations other than to be greeted by Kate Spade type girls that had it all together, soooooo like me {insert gasping chuckle here}.  i prayed on the way that God would simply reveal what it is i'm doing with my business that can glorify Him.  nothing more, nothing less.

i arrived to warm salt-air, a wrap around porch, a room full of insane talents and then doubt began to creep in.  i am a former teacher.  i'm not formerly trained in coding or web design.  i'm not a calligrapher {unless you count my own wedding envelopes} so, who am to do this?

well, over the next 3 days i was showered with swag, love and overcome with a wave of emotions as the walls came down and I FOUND MY TRIBE!  God is pretty cool like that.  when we ask Him to show up, he's 200 steps ahead of us.  when we finally push back the cloud and see the light He's created, it's overwhelming and humbling to say the least.  He sent me to this tribe and it is there that i found my own identity in the gifts He has slowly showed me how to unwrap.

the amazing talents of  janna wilson designs  and kristin with  grace and serendipity  knocked our socks off with her mad event planning skills!

the amazing talents of janna wilson designs and kristin with grace and serendipity knocked our socks off with her mad event planning skills!


so, without rambling more about how these 25 women changed my life and heart i want to let you know that some tiny changes will gradually be taking place with RDP.  don't stress---we will continue to provide 'custom papers for pretty occasions'.  i, as the creator of these, have to do what's best for my family first and then my company as a business.

in the meantime, please join our mailing list so you can stay in the loop with the AWESOMENESS in the works!!

i love y'all and thank you super tons!

with joy~em